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03 April 2012 @ 19:37
I wanted to post some icons since we started samxrory! :3
Here's a preview, you can find more under the cut ...

MOOD: creativecreative
Well ... I'm posting my first fanfic here, except for the microfics.
It's a really short thing and I didn't translate it by myself. That's why I HOPE someone can help me: I definitely need a fanfic translator! I'm not good enough to do it myself. D:
Perhaps someone is interested. It's all Tokio Hotel and Slash or Gen and mostly Tomstav, Geostav, Biorg or Torg (sometimes implied). Sooo, if anyone can translate from german to english and wants to do it, message me! q_q

And now: The fic itself. XD

Series: H.U.M.A.N.O.I.D.
Title: I still believe now it's time for you and me
Fandoms: Tokio Hotel, Bushido
Pairing: Bushido/Bill
Rating: PG
Warnings: B/B (wow, ambiguous)
Original: http://fanfiktion.de/s/4ac23eea0000278a06d00bbc/1

I still believe now it's time for you and meCollapse )
07 November 2011 @ 17:50

There aren't any on LJ, right? Found nothing. q_q
I'd love to open one, even if it would have only two or three members. WHO CARES!? MY OTP NEEDS A COMMUNITY!
Lol, I need someone to run that with me. Someone who can make a perfect layout, 'cause a perfect pairing deserves a perfect layout.
Aaaah, I want a group. I weally, weally want a Tomstav group.

06 November 2011 @ 18:04

Title: a lot of UST
Fandom: Tokio Hotel
Pairing: Tom/Gustav
Rating: PG
A/N: I should make some sexy manips. Definitely.

Bambi wants a kiss!Collapse )
03 November 2011 @ 00:16

The first ever Georg & Gustav friending meme on gusti_love
And georg_love is lovely, too. q,q
I'll write about myself here more often, I think. To train myself - I always check every single word and hope everything is right. My english isn't bad, but I want it to be better than it actually is. That's fucking annoying. XD
My days aren't interesting and I guess nobody is interested in this blogging stuff, but anyway.
There'll also be updates about colourings I tried etc. - things that are graphics you can't use. Maybe, someone wants to tell me their opinion about it. I'd make icons with them then. :3

And there'll be a taglist soon. xD

+ If you want me to make icons of your favourite fandom, whatever it is - tell me. I think I'll do it. I'm in the right mood~ :D

(I guess nobody will actually write me. XDDD)
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01 September 2011 @ 02:09

I really like this one. Without the header problem. XD
Found it at velvetb0x. <3